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The Urban Birder in Costa Rica

I must the only birder on the planet to have turned down the opportunity to visit this ecological paradise not once, not even twice but FIVE times! You may think that I needed my head tested. Perhaps you are right. But I am a principled man. My previous invitations invariably […]

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Leica x The European Nature Trust Ambassador 4 – Carmen Rueda, Lynx conservationist, CBD-Habitat

Handsome, with burnished sideburns, a look that could kill, and a dazzling coat perfectly camouflaged to the Mediterranean colour palette, the Iberian lynx is truly the Iberian ‘jewel’. Today, the species has found a special place in the heart of the Spanish people, and it is thanks to the collaborative […]

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Leica x The European Nature Trust – Conservation Ambassador 3: Roisin Campbell Palmer

Perhaps the only earthling more industrious and hard-working than a Eurasian beaver – that miraculous rodent currently restoring Britain’s waterways – is Dr Roisin Campbell Palmer. She’s the Restoration Manager at Beaver Trust, a charity collaborating with wildlife management bodies to reintroduce the species across Scotland and England. If there […]

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