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The Wild Side of Europe

Gemma and James Shooter, with their two young children Brodie and Isla, and their rescue pup Ty, have embarked on an adventure of a lifetime. They’ve sold their home, and are campervanning around Europe in search of what ‘wild’ really looks like! Clear blue skies welcomed us to the shores […]

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Birding the Algarve

During my professional life as The Urban Birder, I have been very lucky to have been invited around the world to some pretty special places to watch some amazing birds and other wildlife as well as to meet up with some equally amazing conservationists. I have also been fortunate enough […]

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A painting like this huge panel in the Uffizi gallery in Florence is a feast for saint spotters. It was painted in the first decade of the 15th century, it is 5 m high and Lorenzo Monaco has painted 30 saints attending the Coronation of the Virgin. Most notably there […]

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