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World Curlew Day in the New Forest

In this guest blog by Leica Sport Optics Ambassador Luke Massey, he reports on the walk he guided with Curlew Action on World Curlew Day. On April 21st we celebrated World Curlew Day. Created by Mary Colwell, founder of Curlew Action, in 2017, World Curlew Day celebrates Curlews globally. The […]

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When does spring start for you?

When does spring start? Well, we officially enter spring on the day of the Spring Equinox; due to the position of the Earth’s orbit in relation to the sun…and all that astronomical stuff. But, I think for many, the start of spring is down to an individual’s experience. It is […]

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Super Fast Falcons

We are delighted to be supporting the St Albans Abbey’s first ever Peregrine Live Cam ! After their first breeding season last year, the peregrine falcon pair, Alban and Boudica, timed their first egg perfectly, laying on the first day of the camera going live to the public. Born and […]

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