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Wenn der Sichler wüsste…

… dass er Daniel Gebauer um 6.24 geweckt hat. Am Karfreitag wohlgemerkt. Nicht etwa durch sein Gezwitscher, sondern per App. Wie das möglich ist? Nun, die App wird gebraucht für das Melden von seltenen Vogelarten. Und an diesem frühen Morgen wurden in Cudrefin (VD) eine Gruppe von 10 Sichler, diesem […]

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Orchid Summer

In 1901 eight orchid collectors entered the Phillipine jungle in search of orchids, but only one returned alive – five of his colleagues vanished without trace, one was burned alive, and one was eaten by a tiger. Our appetite for orchids was insatiable, as vividly recounted by Norman MacDonald in […]

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“Great optics help in low light”

Optics are important part of product development process at Cellular Tracking Technologies. We manufacture wildlife tracking systems, which, electronically speaking, work in a lot of ways like a smartphone. Wildlife researchers and managers attach our products to all kinds of animals and birds, and get the animals’ movement data though cellular, satellite […]

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