An Arctic Tern that flies to the Antarctic and back. Millions of small songbirds making the journey from Europe to Africa. Nothing less than a miracle how they manage to complete this epic voyage with those tiny bodies. Cuckoos that have to cross the perilous Sahara desert to reach their wintering forests in Congo. Common Cranes that trumpet loudly flying from north to south over Europe in a V-formation. The bird migration is a gift for every birder.

Especially in autumn the bird migration is impressive and massive. If you are in the right place in Europe, you can see more than 100.000 birds pass by in one day. To find these places with visible migration helps you out. On our map you will find countless great places to watch bird migration.

But what is the most beautiful migratory bird? What is the bird that impresses the most? Which migratory bird is most enthusiastically welcomed by European birders? My personal top 3 are the Cuckoo, Bee-eater and the Wheatear. But I also go crazy when I see Cranes flying over or when I pick up a Caspian Tern or Black Stork. Every birder has their own favourites. But which migratory bird is Number1?

To celebrate the wonder of bird migration, that’s what we are going to find out! Birdingplaces is hosting the ‘Bird Migration Competition’. Which bird you think is the king of migratory birds? The most beloved migratory bird among European birdwatchers? Could it be the White Stork? The Golden Oriole? The European Honey-Buzzard or an Osprey? A Swift, a Swallow or a Wryneck? Could it be that special migratory owl the Short-eared Owl or the only dove that migrates to Africa, the European Turtle Dove?

Your vote counts. Tell us your 3 favourite birds (we know how difficult it is to choose!) and then predict which bird you think is the most popular European migratory bird among birdwatchers (strategic choice!).

It’s easy to join (just click on your favourites in the list of birds) and after November 15 we will let you know which bird has been chosen as number 1. And there is a big bonus. Leica has made available a fantastic prize. By joining the Bird Migration Competition you have a chance to win the amazing Leica APO-Televid 82 spotting scope (including Leica Eyepiece 25x-50x WW ASPH).

So join in and vote for your favourites on:

Chris van der Heijden
Team Birdingplaces


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