Leica Supports International Migratory Waterbird Conference in Budapest

Leica x The European Nature Trust Ambassador 4 – Carmen Rueda, Lynx conservationist, CBD-Habitat

Handsome, with burnished sideburns, a look that could kill, and a dazzling coat perfectly camouflaged to the Mediterranean colour palette, the Iberian lynx is truly the Iberian ‘jewel’. Today, the species has found a special place in the heart of the Spanish people, and it is thanks to the collaborative […]

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Leica x The European Nature Trust – Conservation Ambassador 3: Roisin Campbell Palmer

Perhaps the only earthling more industrious and hard-working than a Eurasian beaver – that miraculous rodent currently restoring Britain’s waterways – is Dr Roisin Campbell Palmer. She’s the Restoration Manager at Beaver Trust, a charity collaborating with wildlife management bodies to reintroduce the species across Scotland and England. If there […]

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Leica Photographic Retreat at Alladale Wilderness Reserve: catching up with fine art photographer, Max Milligan

The Leica Photographic Retreat offers an exclusive opportunity to perfect your photographic skills with one of the world’s foremost fine art photographers, Max Milligan. As we discover with Max, the retreat offers more than that. It is a chance to sharpen your eye, to connect with nature, and to rewild […]

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