Guatemala is truly a hidden gem and a birding Paradise in Central America. Often overlooked by neotropical birders, Guatemala, in the northern central American region, never disappoints.

The region holds numerous regional endemics (around 55 species divided in 3 major areas) and the Yucatan peninsula endemics in the central highlands and the pacific coast foothills. It holds a variety of different biomes making the bird biodiversity really rich. It’s a very small country that can fit 10 times in the state of Texas making it easy to go birding in a great variety of these biomes, from shore and marsh birding to low land rainforest birding, leaf forest specialties, dry scrub dessert forest, cloud forest and many more habitats where you can find the 745 species of birds that occur here.

Operador Latino is a ground agency specialized in birding tours, covering the whole country’s best birding hot spots specializing in tailor made tours around Guatemala and Northern Central America. Our specialized birding guide Daniel Aldana Schumann uses the best birding equipment he can use while guiding birding tours and of course while going out to the field doing his own field work around the world. He is glad to use the new Leica Trinovids 10X42 and the 65 mm APO Televid spotting scope. Both pieces are small and lightweight, perfect size for traveling and carrying in the field. The crystal clear views through the scope and bins are just the best for taking your birding to another level.

[threecol_two]Daniel Aldana:
“I took the decision to change my birding binoculars to Leica, because when started guiding a few years back for Operador Latino Birding, they gave me a Leica Trinovid 65 mm spotting scope. I was so amazed by the quality of this scope that I definitely wanted Leica binoculars as well. I am not the only one impressed with the quality of the scope. The birders who come and join our birding tours are always happy with the views they get. When I dropped it in the field, Leica fixed it with no cost at all and at a very fast and punctual time. [/threecol_two] [threecol_one_last]I am not the only one impressed with the quality of the scope. [/threecol_one_last]



My new Leica Trinovid HD 10×42 are the best birding binoculars you can buy for less than $1000 US. I love the size of the binoculars – they are small and lightweight. I have had a huge gamut of binoculars through my life as a birder and I have spent a reasonable amount of time looking through different kind of binoculars. Our binoculars are responsible for giving us the best views of the wildlife we are observing, so they need to be the best for your necessity and your budget.

They never fog while hiking or when it is raining, which is the first thing you’ll usually notice in the field when being in these conditions. Also the rain guard technology in the optics is just excellent. I take my binoculars almost everywhere I go. Maybe not to the office or downtown, but almost everywhere else, because birds are everywhere and I always enjoy watching a beautifully common bird or a rarity that may show up at any moment and anywhere. You will regret not having your bins with you.”

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  1. George of birding equipment

    I can't agree anymore, bird watching with a good binocular will give you the best view and makes your birding venture enjoyable. When selecting a binocular ensure to go for the best in the market and when we talk of the best it doesn't have to be expensive

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