Articles by: Andrea Corso

The Tyrrhenian Flycatcher

Birders, and most people in general, often think that to find and enjoy a nice bird species or an interesting animal, we need to move far from our cities, or even far from our home countries. But big cities can reveal big surprises. In July I cycled along the Tevere […]

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Spring at the Straight of Messina

Wind, strong wind, thick clouds, heavy rain, cold … that does not sound like a typical Sicilian springday, does it? But this how it was. And I went to the Strait of Messina (on the Sicilian side) to study and protect raptors against the illegal shooting for LIPU UK and […]

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Birding in Morocco

March 2016. Late evening, the light is changing into a deep orange-red. I am driving up the mountains in the High Atlas, Middle Morocco. By Andrea Corso. I’m thinking about the many exlorers who came in the 18th and 19th century to North Africa to study the fauna and discover […]

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