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  • 5. September 2019

    An exclusive look at Leica’s manufacturing process

    Leica is German engineering at its best, and the Leica ideal is an integral part of the culture of seeing. Leica has a long history of focusing on perception and has developed innovative instruments that offer a unique  experience. The result is a renowned series of cameras and lenses, and […]

  • 17. July 2019

    Magical Colors in Tuscany: FIRST LIGHT Experience with Marco Casino

    Dynamic Milan-based photographer Marco Casino, a Leica ambassador since 2012, specializes in a range of media and themes, from social reportage to technology and the environment. During his stay at Belmond Castello di Casole Marco illuminated the Tuscan landscape in a new and magical light. Belmond Castello di Casole is […]

  • 14. June 2019

    Brilliant beaches, rich rainforests and magical moorland

    The Isle of Mull is a dynamic mixture of biodiversity and some of the best Wildlife watching opportunities in the UK. It is the fourth largest island in Scotland and almost half of the UK’s habitats can be found on and around the landmass. Everything from brilliant beaches, rich rainforests, […]

  • 27. May 2019

    Wenn der Sichler wüsste…

    … dass er Daniel Gebauer um 6.24 geweckt hat. Am Karfreitag wohlgemerkt. Nicht etwa durch sein Gezwitscher, sondern per App. Wie das möglich ist? Nun, die App wird gebraucht für das Melden von seltenen Vogelarten. Und an diesem frühen Morgen wurden in Cudrefin (VD) eine Gruppe von 10 Sichler, diesem […]

  • 22. May 2019

    Orchid Summer

    In 1901 eight orchid collectors entered the Phillipine jungle in search of orchids, but only one returned alive – five of his colleagues vanished without trace, one was burned alive, and one was eaten by a tiger. Our appetite for orchids was insatiable, as vividly recounted by Norman MacDonald in […]


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