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  • 7. February 2020

    A safari like no other in Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park

    The Lower Zambezi is the most beautiful place on Earth. I’d also go so far as to say that Zambia has the top three most beautiful locations on this planet – The South Luangwa National Park, The Victoria Falls and The Lower Zambezi National Park, but for me the LZ […]

  • 4. February 2020

    The Black Kite: a potential colonist

    Thanks to the most successful raptor reintroduction project in the world, the Red Kite has become a familiar bird for many of us. I live in Suffolk, where these handsome birds have yet to establish themselves, though they are sure to do so soon, as the number of breeding pairs […]

  • 14. January 2020

    Sailing Loch Ness

    The journey on their sailboat “Maverick too” took Johannes and Cati Erdmann from Germany across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and then through the Bahamas to the north of the USA – always with the Leica Geovid on board. Two years grew into five years. Instead of returning to everyday […]

  • 15. November 2019

    Leica Trinovid: “We are proud of this proof of quality”

    The new Trinovid binoculars from Leica pay tribute to the iconic glass of the 1960s: Shapely, slim and elegant in a classic binocular design featuring black leather, they are a statement and a timeless accessory. The Trinovid HD family of binoculars first went into series production in 1958. The name […]

  • 14. October 2019

    Small details – when good optics really matter

    A hot summer is here again, in Southern Sicily and all around the Mediterranean Sea. It seems that even moving a leg or a hand would be hard and seat drips into my eyes and blur the view. But in Linosa, or any other European island, as well as along […]


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