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  • 5. December 2019

    Manuel Schweizer entlarvt die Täuschung des Steinschmätzers

    Der Mittelmeersteinschmätzer, eine Vogelart, welche im Balkan und im Raum Asien lebt, hat vermutlich über Jahrzehnte hinweg Ornithologen aus aller Welt getäuscht. Meinte man bisher, dass die Vögel aus den verschiedenen Regionen mit ähnlichem Aussehen zur gleichen Art gehören, sucht man nun konkret nach Beweisen, dass dem nicht so ist. […]

  • 29. November 2019

    FIRST LIGHT Afloat in France

    FIRST LIGHT is a global partnership project by Belmond and Leica to create early morning nature experiences and explore nature in the first hours of a day. Floating slowly down the river Rhône, Leica photographer Tibo Dhermy shows us the extraordinary beauty of waking at first light, as viewed from […]

  • 15. November 2019

    Leica Trinovid: “We are proud of this proof of quality”

    The new Trinovid binoculars from Leica pay tribute to the iconic glass of the 1960s: Shapely, slim and elegant in a classic binocular design featuring black leather, they are a statement and a timeless accessory. The Trinovid HD family of binoculars first went into series production in 1958. The name […]

  • 14. October 2019

    Small details – when good optics really matter

    A hot summer is here again, in Southern Sicily and all around the Mediterranean Sea. It seems that even moving a leg or a hand would be hard and seat drips into my eyes and blur the view. But in Linosa, or any other European island, as well as along […]

  • 27. September 2019

    Little story of a battle won –  Bonelli’s Eagle is back in Sicily

    There are some stories that have a happy end. Given the modern times we live in, it’s hard to believe and you may think that only the kids’ fairy tales could end so well. However, I have a real story that after many years of real fight could now be […]


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