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  • 8. December 2020

    Best UK Walks chosen by Leica Locals – Part 1

    In this three-part series we asked the Leica Sport Optics Ambassadors, and some close friend’s of Leica, what their favourite local walk is. Join Leica as we travel across the UK, uncovering new spots to inspire you to get outside and explore with fresh eyes. Iolo Williams, Leica Sport Optics Ambassador […]

  • 20. October 2020

    Alladale – A Glimpse Of A Better Future For Our Uplands

    by Alan Davies and Ruth Miller “Wilderness or wildlands are natural environments on Earth that have not been significantly modified by human activity or any non-urbanized land not under extensive agricultural cultivation.” Well that is one description we found online but the word “wilderness” is often used and indeed misused. […]

  • 6. October 2020

    A Day in the Deserts of Israel: The ABA-Leica Subadult Wheatears take on the Champions of the Flyway

    The American Birding Association-Leica Sport Optics Subadult Wheatears are a young birder team hailing from the United States, composed of Johanna Beam (author), Aidan Place, Gautam Apte, and Marky Mutchler. Uvda valley was rich with birdlife. A wet spring meant flowers and greenery blooming in shallow washes throughout the valley. […]


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