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  • 7. November 2022

    Leica Supports International Migratory Waterbird Conference in Budapest

    As a keen supporter of bird conservation and protection, Leica is proud to announce that it was a sponsor of the world’s largest migratory waterbird conference which took place over the course of this week. The Eighth Session of the Meeting of the Parties to the African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbird Agreement […]

  • 28. October 2022

    Where have all the Curlews gone?

    Leica Sport Optics continues its commitment to supporting nature and wildlife conservation and is proud to be partnering with Curlew Action, an organisation at the heart of efforts to save the Eurasian Curlew across the UK and Ireland. Curlew Action help explain why Curlews are declining and consider longer-term solutions. Although […]

  • 13. October 2022

    Leica x The European Nature Trust Ambassador 4 – Carmen Rueda, Lynx conservationist, CBD-Habitat

    Handsome, with burnished sideburns, a look that could kill, and a dazzling coat perfectly camouflaged to the Mediterranean colour palette, the Iberian lynx is truly the Iberian ‘jewel’. Today, the species has found a special place in the heart of the Spanish people, and it is thanks to the collaborative […]

  • 30. September 2022

    Beyond the fjord and among the ice.

    A white line, the ice; on the horizon the profile of the mountains. From the porthole of the plane, I admire the landscape gradually materialize below me. The beauty of the lands we fly over leave me, once again, breathless. I’m back to Svalbard after had lived here with my […]

  • 28. September 2022

    Walthamstow Wetlands – the perfect place to start birdwatching

    We are proud to have partnered with the London Wildlife Trust, and supported them by funding the installation of seven new benches at their Walthamstow Wetlands site. As well as being a fully operational 211 hectare Thames Water reservoir site, which is the main source of water supply for 3.5 […]


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