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  • 1. July 2020

    Birding from the balcony: Our world out the window

    Andrea Corso describes his personal lessons and learnings from the time of isolation at his home in Italy. Read his impressive reportage here. Bird watching in the time of Covid19 is the balcony of my house. It is a small square of sky, until a few days ago cerulean blue, […]

  • 29. June 2020

    From Yellow Water Billabong to Pine Creek

    Jabiru, Yellow Water Billabong or Pine Creek, where hooded parrots hung from the sprinklers outside on the common, a great bowerbird tended its intricate bower of white trinkets, and galahs and figbirds feasted on the fruits of the wild mango trees. A sunset cruise at the Yellow Water Billabong. After […]

  • 3. August 2020

    On the wing: Butterflies

    July into August can be a very productive time for butterflies, with some iconic species to be found fluttering around the country. By Chris Griffin. If you are, like me, primarily interested in birds, July can sometimes feel a relatively quiet time of year. Many species hide away at this […]

  • 27. May 2020

    Birding under Lockdown

    How I made the most out of birding during COVID-19 by Chris Griffin, Somerset UK Spring was in the air; chiffchaffs just starting to chiff and chaff, the snowdrops appearing on woodland floors, the swallows and house martins just arriving from their distant wintering grounds in Africa. Yet birdwatchers around […]

  • 18. May 2020

    Wild Encounters Close to Home

    In preparation for the busier months as a Wildlife Guide on the Isle of Mull, I purchased a new pair of Leica Trinovid HD binoculars. As all wildlife tourism is down during this pandemic, I would like to share some of my wildlife encounters during my daily exercise in local […]


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