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  • 11. November 2021

    Experiencing Alladale Wilderness Reserve through the Leica Trinovid HD Binoculars

    Last Autumn Drew Marsden was announced the winner of the competition Leica ran with Alladale Wilderness Reserve, which meant he received a pair of Leica Trinovid HD binoculars and a stay at Ghillie’s Rest on the River Alladale. In this blog Drew shares some of his images and experiences from […]

  • 15. October 2021

    Voting for the European king of migratory birds

    An Arctic Tern that flies to the Antarctic and back. Millions of small songbirds making the journey from Europe to Africa. Nothing less than a miracle how they manage to complete this epic voyage with those tiny bodies. Cuckoos that have to cross the perilous Sahara desert to reach their […]

  • 11. October 2021

    Wolves & Wallcreepers in the Cantabrian Mountains

    Jonathan Rodríguez Ramiro is a wildlife biologist who lives in Cantabria, a mountainous area in northern Spain. In this Leica Nature Blog Jonathan writes about his home, his favourite wildlife and encounters, and how he got on when he recently took the Leica Trinovid 7×35 leathered binoculars out for a […]

  • 4. October 2021

    Discovering Europe’s Birding hotspots

    In this blog Chris van der Heijden, founder of tells about how he started the idea of Birdingplaces two years ago and how it became an instant hit among European birders. “It felt like European birders had been waiting for us. Directly from the start birders from all over […]

  • 1. September 2021

    Exploring Shetland with the Leica Trinovid 10×32

    In this blog join Kate MacRae, better known as WildlifeKate, as she reports on her recent trip to Shetland with the Leica Trinovid 10×32 in hand. WildlifeKate is an advocate for being outside in the great British countryside and her LIVE cameras are followed avidly by viewers across the world. […]


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