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  • 1. June 2021

    Bird Island – Part I

    “Birds innumerable and many sea cows (dugongs) on the beach,” was reported in the ship’s log by the captain of the cruiser ‘Eagle’ when it sailed by the island in 1771, known at the time as ‘Ille aux Vaches’ (island of sea cows). In the late 1960’s the island was […]

  • 4. May 2021

    Snow Leopards & Noctivids

    Wildlife presenter, Dan O’Neill talks about his new series for BBC Earth, and how the Leica Noctivid became his sidekick on the shoot! Written by Dan O’Neill For our brand new series for BBC Earth, “Snow Leopards: Ghosts in the Snow”, myself and my good friend and DoP, Chris Beard, […]

  • 14. April 2021

    Spring Migration

    Leica Nature Ambassadors talk the magic of spring and who they are most excited to be welcoming back! David Lindo AKA The Urban Birder, Leica Sport Optics Ambassador Expectancy. That is the word that best sums up spring for me. It encompasses the usual eulogies of spring; the buds appearing, […]

  • 12. March 2021

    Talking Street Art with ATM

    London based street artist, ATM, has a lifelong love for nature and a particular connection to birds, their songs, calls and habitats. ATM uses his skills as an artist to celebrate the beauty of birds and communicate the extinction crisis, and his giant wildlife murals fill walls from London to […]

  • 11. February 2021

    Best UK Walks chosen by Leica Locals – Part 3

    In this three-part series we asked the Leica Sport Optics Ambassadors, and some close friend’s of Leica, what their favourite local walk is. Join Leica as we travel across the UK, uncovering new spots to inspire you to get outside and explore with fresh eyes. Ruth & Alan, Leica Sport […]


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