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Split or Get Off the Pot: Genetics and the AOU vs. Reality?

„Surely one of the core virtues of birding is its independent, even anarchic spirit“ (Gordon, 2015). The North American Classification Committee (NACC) of the American Ornithologists’ Union (AOU) comprises appointed members who pass judgment and make determinations on species limits, English names, and related issues for the birds of North […]

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„An incredible thing to experience“

Roland Digby is an expert aviculturist. His skill at breeding and rearing birds has helped return cirl buntings and Eurasian cranes to parts of southern England. He’s spent long periods working in remote parts of the world including the Madagascar highlands, where he helped set up breeding facilities for the […]

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Exploring Gulf Coast Waters

In most coastal areas, bird distribution off shore is generally much less understood than than that of land birds. The reason is simple, the cost and logistical difficulties of getting off shore is a challenge, requiring much greater planning and effort than merely peering into backyard brush for migrants. The water […]

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