In less than four years – the free online guide to birdwatching – became a household name among birdwatchers. More than 6000 birdwatching areas are already described in detail. And counting, because every day new areas are added. Leica supported the Birdingplaces right from the start.

Until four years ago finding good birding info in Europe was often difficult. In Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Poland, in fact in most countries it was hard to find detailed and reliable info. But then, on January 1, 2020 was launched. With three simple and clear goals. First: generate good and reliable info on birding hotspots and create a platform where birders can find and share birdwatching areas all over Europe. Second: contribute to the protection of birds by connecting more people to birdwatching. Third: enable birdwatchers from all over Europe to communicate with each other through a multilingual website. Therefore the website was equipped with a database that made it possible to automatically translate bird names and vital info into 24 languages.

Taking of like a rocket
The multilingual and free for all website was an instant hit. Birders from all over Europe began to share their favourite birding areas. Not just ten or twenty birders, but right from the start hundreds of birders started to join in as if they had been waiting for a platform like this. Detailed descriptions, maps and birdlists of birding sites were pooring in. The free online guide to birdwatching was beginning to take shape. Or better: took off like a rocket.

6300 birdwatching areas with full description
Less than four years later the counter stands at an incredible 6,300 described birdwatching areas in Europe, North-Africa and the Middle East. Thousands of birders use the site daily to find a place to go birdwatching and the European birding community has embraced the Birdingplaces platform. All areas have a full description, a birdlist and a detailed map. The areas are divided into three categories: ‘A. Not to be missed’, ‘B. Worth a detour’, and ‘C. Nice if you are in the area’. Every day new areas are being added, including more and more birdwatching spots outside Europe.

Contribute and win Leica binoculars!
To make the map of Europe even more complete and to spread the wings outside Europe Birdingplaces has started a new Winter Promotion 2023/2024 together with Leica. Anyone who adds a bird watching area to Birdingplaces between October 1, 2023 and April 1, 2024 has a chance to win fantastic Leica binoculars. Adding and describing an area is user-friendly with a template that guides you through 8 simple steps. Go to the Winter Promotion page to see how you can win and which amazing Leica binoculars you can win. Great if you contribute!

Birdingplaces is made by and for birders and supported by Leica.

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