While I’ve never required or demanded much service OR luxury when it comes to my birding obsession, I have to admit as I get older (and more spoiled) I find that I may just be acquiring a taste for it! My main priority remains as always though… put me outside in habitat with binoculars & camera and surround me with birds & wildlife!

„The lodge offers the adventure of the outdoors, the beauty of the rain forest, and the personal service and luxury of a boutique hotel.“

Soon myself and a team of allstar birders from across the globe will be pursuing the advertised ‚adventure of Honduras’ outdoors‘, we’ll be absorbing and recording „the beauty of the rain forest“, and (since it’s included as part of the package) I guess we’ll just have to endure „the personal service and luxury“ as advertised in the brochure! 😉

The lodge sits near the large tract of preserved lands in the Pico Bonito National Park, near the Caribbean coastal town La Ceiba, Honduras.

The grounds themselves are lush as well! Looking forward to seeing what wildlife can be seen right from the comfort of the individual cabins

or perhaps at poolside… never fear though being a Leica birding trip we will certainly be exploring much of the country’s birding hotspots and will be sharing loads of bird & wildlife images with you. and we won’t let all of this pampering slow us down.

As I said at top we will merely have to endure it as it’s part of the package! 😉

Follow our trek beginning in early December here on the Leica Birding Blog & on the Leica Birding Facebook page! Check out the Pico Bonito Lodge birding checklist here!

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