Tucked between the mountains and the sea on Mallorca’s northwest coast, Deià is entrancing at any time of the day. But at dawn, as an ethereal glow emerges, it takes on a whole new beauty. Sebastià Torrens, nature expert and photographer, discovers the sound of waves lapping the shore and scurrying wildlife. In partnership with Belmond we’re creating a series of dawn walks and nature experiences.

By Sebastià Torrens
“I am a passionate nature photographer. The beautiful island of Mallorca is my home and for over 30 years I have lead nature and photography excursions into the local Mallorcan landscapes to capture the extraordinary indigenous flora and fauna.

I began photographing nature to capture memories of the places and sights that I had experienced; beautiful sunsets, birds and awesome diverse landscapes. However, before long, my hobby became my profession. I love Mallorca; it is spectacular here and I am fortunate enough to know this precious island very well. I spend my mornings and evenings on the island with my camera, always looking for opportunities to capture inspiring moments.

Not only do I enjoy taking photographs but also experiencing the nature walks themselves. They allow me to soak up the peaceful atmosphere and appreciate the beauty of my surroundings, illuminated in the morning light. I relish the moment before the sun appears over the horizon and the light changes instantaneously against the blissful sound of the sea. Birds glide past whilst the waves break against the cliffs and then silence ensues. It is during these moments I feel most at one with nature and can completely disconnect from daily routine.

[threecol_two]Taking photographs enables me to walk around in harmony with these spellbinding locations, observe breathtaking light and experience unparalleled moments that awaken my senses. From Cala De Deià I frequently walk along a beautiful stretch of coast towards Llucalcari. The morning air is crisp. First light is approaching, radiating both warm and cold tonalities. [/threecol_two] [threecol_one_last]First light is approaching, radiating both warm and cold tonalities.[/threecol_one_last] The path leading up to my destination is narrow and from there you can see the rock formations in the sea and the ever-changing movement of water around them. I’ll make my way down towards the sea where I’m lucky to witness the flawless dawn light, a real gift from nature. Deserted places provide such immediate relaxation and these moments are dear to me. Nature photography also provides me with reason to keep visiting these special locations.

It is important that we work to protect Mallorca. Through these photographic excursions, I hope to reveal nature’s beauty and also raise awareness of its fragility. I’m sure those who share this experience will become more conscious of protecting nature and preserving its beauty. It’s really exciting how at an early hour the first light reveals Mallorca’s nature most vividly. I always say that it’s not my photography which is so beautiful, it’s the extraordinary nature in front of the lens.”


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