Towering high above Cape Town, Table Mountain offers stunning costal vistas in a pristine natural paradise. Michael Edwards, Cape Town-based professional photographer in partnership with Belmond, has created one in a series of dawn walks and nature experiences discovering the beautiful native birds, small mammals and the dazzling flowers of the fynbos.

By Michael Edwards

What is the special difference between the light at the start of the day at sunrise and the light at the end of the day at sunset?

Cape Town is a beautiful place to live. It doesn’t matter where you go in the Western Cape, there is beauty all around you. As a photographer it becomes almost too easy to take an amazing picture here.

What we have in Cape Town and around the Western Cape is a type of vegetation called Fynbos which is very sturdy, can withstand the elements, but from a distance it looks fairly bland, with browns and greens and a lot of wood. But as soon as you explore a little closer to a Fynbos and start investigating it you find amazing little flowers that come out of these hardy bushes.

In Cape Town the marvel is that the Fynbos produces these amazing beautiful brightly coloured flowers on the different bushes throughout the year.

Being in Africa of course we are blessed with an abundance of wildlife as well, especially birds. Cape Town is better known for its smaller delicate animals as well as its beautiful birds. Of course we have the sea so there is a lot of sea birds that are coming too. And surrounding us at all times are beautiful marine life including, dolphins, sharks, and whales. The different looks and feels you can get out of Cape Town just by travelling 20 or 30 minutes are completely different, you can go from desert to beach to sea to forest to mountain.

For example, you can’t come to Cape Town and not be amazed by Table Mountain. It truly is a magnificent natural wonder and the other amazing thing about Cape Town is our beaches which have so many peninsular turns and their bays and they all face different directions. This makes it interesting for photography because you have the ability to place the sun either over mountains, over forests, fields or over the sea depending on the different lights.

I have been a professional photographer for 23 years now and I have been extremely fortunate. I love my years living in Europe but I’ve always felt a special connection to Africa and Cape Town truly is a city that is African but is cosmopolitan and European at the same time. It’s got the history, it’s got the nature – it’s just a wonderful place to live.


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Michael Edwards

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