Articles by: Jeff Bouton

Spring Has Sprung

The thought of spring may seem like a fairy tale for those in the Northern US buried under record amounts of February and March snowfalls, but here in sunny Florida, spring has definitely sprung and believe it or not, it’s coming your way! The first migrants to return to Florida each „spring“ are the Purple […]

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Advanced ID Tip: Sharp-shinned or Cooper’

Sharp-shinned & Cooper’s Hawks are 2 of the most mis-identified birds in North America based on their similar markings & structure. The smallest members of the Genus „Accipiter“ in North America, these birds are woodland hawks characterized by long tails & short wings, which aid them in chasing avian prey through […]

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Chasing Noah

Noah Strycker is an enthusiastic birder, a great writer, and is presently on the adventure of a lifetime! For many years he penned a featured column in WildBird magazine and was affectionately referred to as „BirdBoy“. He has long since outgrown that nickname, and currently works as an Associate Editor of „Birding“ […]

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