Deyrolle is a scientific and educational institution which exists since 1831. Temple of observation of Nature, reference in the field of taxidermy and entomology, Deyrolle is also a unique Cabinet of Curiosities whose exceptional collections inspire artists, collectors and visitors from all around the world.

It is in this spirit of adventure, searching and observing our world, that Deyrolle chose Leica as a partner to give the possibility to its customers to buy the best tools to do so. Why? Because the observation of Nature in details is the first step towards the knowledge and respect of our Earth. It is also because Leica shares with Deyrolle the same passion for Nature and its beauty that we organise a partnership to give the customers the chance to get a new point of view on the world.

In fact, Deyrolle is the perfect place to discover in the details a large range of different animal species, colourful butterflies, incredible birds and more. It is important to tell that at Deyrolle, with only a few exceptions, no animal was killed to be mounted: the non-domestic species come from zoos, parks, where they died of old age or illness. They are traceable, and protected species are held and delivered in accordance with the Washington Convention (CITES). Deyrolle is an institution that cares for the transmission of our natural patrimony.

This is why we enjoy learning more about Nature with this partner and it is also why we will organise many events to come. We hope that you will keep in touch with us and come to Deyrolle for more information and discovery.

To finish with, it is important to remind that the owner of this Cabinet of Curiosities is Mr Louis Albert de Broglie, passionate about Nature, creator of the Tomato Conservatory at the Château de la Bourdaisière in the Loire Valley, and deeply committed to biodiversity, environment and education.

Come to Deyrolle at the 46 rue du Bac to discover this amazing museum-like place! You can find our products in here and take the chance to do an Urban Safari like we did on October the 10th.

46 rue du bac
75007 Paris
0033 1 42 22 30 07

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