is the free online guide to birding. The platform was launched in Europe four years ago and became an instant hit among birders. Just 4 years later more than 7000 bird watching sites are described in detail and now also growing fast outside Europe. A great and free resource made by and for birders. Leica supported Birdingplaces right from the start.

Thousands of birders have already shared and described their favourite areas on Birdingplaces. More than 7000 areas now have a full description, a birdlist and a detailed map. The areas are divided into three categories: ‘A. Not to be missed’, ‘B. Worth a detour’, and ‘C. Nice if you are in the area’. Every day new areas are being added. And since a couple of months Birdingplaces is now also growing fast outside Europe. When started for years ago, the aim was to fill the map of Europe with great birding destinations. From day one the site was embraced by birdwatchers and an incredible number of areas were added in a short time.

The editors of Birdingplaces sometimes couldn’t believe their eyes, as the flow of new areas just didn’t stop. On some days more than 50 new areas were added! A bit of a madhouse, but we enjoyed it, because it showed that birders highly appreciated our platform and were using it en masse.

Then we started to receive requests from birders outside Europe. Whether the platform was also available to them and whether they could also add areas outside Europe. Of course they could! To spread the wings outside Europe and make it more logical for birders outside Europe to join, we registered the domain name and used it for communication outside Europe. That worked immediately. New areas in New Zealand, Australia, Africa and America poured in. For example, many areas were added in regions such as California and Florida in the US, Yucatan in Mexico, Victoria in Australia or countries such as Costa Rica and Cuba.

The counter now stands at an incredible 7000 areas. We want to thank all birders that add areas, promote us and help us to realize our goal of contributing to the protection of birds by connecting more people to birdwatching. If you don’t know Birdingplaces yet, please have a look at, discover many great birding sites or add a nice birding area yourself.

Birdingplaces is made by and for birders and supported by Leica.

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