In less then 2 weeks time, on May 12th, the Dutch Knights will again be participating in an unique fundraising event in the Netherlands – The Texel Big Day. During an epic 24 hour Birding Big Day by E-bike on the Wadden isle of Texel, the Dutch Knights, together with 14 other teams of Dutch birdwatchers, try to raise money and awareness for a major Dutch conservation goal.

By participating in this event the Dutch Knights are taking a stand against the downfall of one of Dutch most welcome summer sights: the House Martin. Another vital conservation priority as since the early 1970s, numbers in the Netherlands have decreased by more than 80%.  Decrease in number of insects is probably an important reason for this decline but also ‘tidying up’ the countryside and houses. Action is needed to ensure that the numbers of House Martins increase substantially in the years to come.

During the Texel Big Day, our team, the Dutch Knights, will compete against at least 14 other keen teams to find the most bird species on Texel within 24 hours… and by bike! Last year we biked over 100km during the 24h of the event. All this hardship we endue to generate attention for the protection of House Martins and, hopefully, also collect lots of donations for the cause!

All received donations are going to the cause, and are used for e.g.
• Construction of muddy pools near nesting sites
• Creating and maintaining nesting facilities
• Producing brochures and other content on helping the species and inform the general public about the need

There are several ‘prices’ to be won by the teams that participate in the event. One of the main (prestige) prices that we can win is the team who raises the most money for the cause of the event (this year the House Martin). We are keen to WIN this category this year, so hence our plea for everybodies support! Deadline for this prestige award is May 12th at 23:59. All donations received will go to cause.

If you like our effort and commitment, and have a few Euro’s to spare, please support our team with your donation. You can donate here.

Thanks for your help & support. Our grateful House Martins need it!
Much appreciated!Marc Guyt, Martijn Verdoes & Gert Ottens
a.k.a.  Dutch Knights

Proudly supported by Leica.
The Texel Big Day is inspired by the Champions of the Flyway (COTF).

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More information about the Texel Big Day.



House Swallow images by Marc Guyt:
Team Dutch Knights by Harvey van Diek

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